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How do I publish my FrontPage web to my account?

FrontPage 98/2000 requires similar steps:

Step 1: Click the publish button in the upper left-hand corner or click the Publish Frontpage Web from File menu of your FrontPage Explorer.    

FrontPage 98/2000 

Step 2: Then, a screen like below should appear.   You need to type in your domain name or IP address then click OK.

FrontPage 98

FrontPage 2000

Step 3: All that is left to do is enter your username and password.

FrontPage 98/2000 

fp_publish03.jpg (14687 bytes)

Remark: your first web page must be named as index.htm or index.html.


For a more in-depth tour of FrontPage, check out the FrontPage Online Tutorial at:

Frontpage 2000

Frontpage 98

line_bottom.jpg (2996 bytes)

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